The Seed
Season 1, Episode 27
Written by -
Directed by -
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The Seed is the 27th episode of the first season of Pocoyo.


Pocoyo wants to grow a flower from a seed he has found, although at first he had other ideas. As he waits for the seed to grow, he all of a sudden needs to go potty. While he is gone, Sleepy Bird flies by and sees the seed as a snack. Pocoyo comes back and scolds Sleepy Bird, only for her to fall back asleep. 

Pocoyo himself then falls asleep when Loula comes walking by and wants to play with it. Pocoyo rushes her out in his race car and puts a fence around the seed. Pato sees it as and egg and uses his helicopter abilities to sit on it, only for Pocoyo to rush Pato out along with Loula.

Pocoyo then sets up a security system, consisting of cameras, alarms, and signs. The seed turns into a flower, and Pocoyo walks away. Elly accidentally ruins everything and gets caught in Pocoyo's trap. Loula takes the flower and shakes it. As a result of the shaking, seeds fly out. Instantly, flowers grow all over the place, and everybody is happy.


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