Dancing Pato is a episode from Season 3
Images 2 Pocoyos

The two Pocoyo's racing


Pato becomes crazy after a long ringing phone hangs up


Pato is walking to the shower he sees bath items and his eyes grow the phone rings Pato picks it up the phone rings over and over again making it ring The Backyardigans Theme song Pato picks it up again and the person hangs up Pato screams loudly meanwhile Pocoyo, Elly and another Pocoyo are racing in a city town with an unknown man walking in front of them they see Pato who sounds like a bomb Pato starts a race with a silly dance every one speaks baby language and call Pato's dance bad names the racer's crash into Sleepy bird's nest everthing breaks music plays and Elly says see you next time everybody.

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